Monday, July 16, 2012

Long time no see, Jammers!

Hiya! Man have I missed a lot! Non member penguins, Fantasy dens, and next up foxes!
I would like to award the winner of the contest. Chu714 seems to have all the answers! The next contest I will award a bigger prize. I feel I went to hard for such a small prize. >.< Click here to go to the new contest.

Well I think it'd be to much to show you ALL the new items, since I've been gone from blogging for a month and a half. I will be updating my blog more often now. As it is rare item monday, the rare item is Rare Rhino Helmet. Pretty Cool :D

It would make a perfect addition to my collection :) I should start earning gems!

Foxes will come out this Thursday, hopefully. Otherwise nobody knows when they will come.

Well, hopefully I'll be updating my blog daily. After all - It is The DAILY Gem Bonus!

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