Friday, August 31, 2012

Monkey Jungle Gym

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is really cool, but can only be found at the Monkeys Only Party.

Great addition to my treehouse.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update :D

Hey Jammers! It's Thursday, It's an update! First of all, we have monkeys returning to Jamaa.

Welcome Back Monkeys!
You may be wondering why there are little monkeys on the monkey,
Well the next page reveals our new monthly gift!

Adorable, but sadly you cannot trade pets, truthfully, I was hoping for furniture.

Next of all, The monkeys only party!

Here's how the party looks:

Click here for an awesome store!

Also some monkey-approved claws!

The tree is very climbable! 

Click the banana for bananas!

Also in Sarepia:

Cool! Treetop Gardens!

This is it in person.

*Sigh* There goes our beloved plants. It also reminds me of Canyons Corner.

And in the carnival,

I just wanna say, not worth it... 

Why pay 500 gems for 1,000 tickets, when you can pay 100 gems, and a little time for 2,000 (depending on  what game you play, and how good you are at it).

And for the "Costume Corner"

Mystical Giraffe! Cute.

Also, for the den contest....

*Sigh* AJ takes so much time.

Sorry guys, no shamans/alphas. 

Well, the contest is soon to start!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mushroom Chair

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting, I seem to take a week off every time I post the winner >.<

Well here's our new item!

Reminds me of Mario. :D

The next DG contest will be an art contest.

Now don't be sad if you don't think you've got talent for art,
Just be aware that I don't choose the entries by talent.
I don't choose the entry by how amazingly realistic it looks,
I choose it from how I feel about it.
Sometimes I find one that just has something about it I like. 
For instance:

Backgrounds: They make the colors in the painting look so amazing!

Well, Soon to make a new Contest!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fox Tail Chair & WINNER!!!

Hey Animal Jammers! The new item is a fox chair. It's.... "Ok".


Anyways, I'm so glad you all entered my contest, and you were all amazing, but the winner had to be...


Congrats Puppy on your amazing work!

Puppy's Work:

There are many mysteries of Jamaa. They are pretty much all over the place! Such as: Coral Canyons, Lost Temple of Zios, Sarepia Forest, and many many more!

The one in coral canyons is the bridge there. If you get many people on the bridge hopping, it will crumble. Legend says that if it breaks, everyone will get free membership. I have no idea who started this rumor, but I wanna find out! 

The second one is in The Lost Temple of Zios. If you sleep by the broken zios sculpture, phantoms come out of it! It's pretty much like your having a nightmare!! AHH, SCARY! Haha, now let's move on.

The thrid one is in Sarepia forest. The spirit of Mira protects that place. Many jammers also go there for clans and stuff like that. The mystery there is if you dance by the fire pit, Mira will stop for a visit. Pretty cool, eh? 

Thank you so much for entering and have an amazing day on AJ!

Sorry for the wait! Blogger wouldn't save properly.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crossbow and Wallpaper/Floor glitch!

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a crossbow!


Many of you may be thinking how to do the walls and floors glitch, well here's how!
You can use any den, but I'm using the Enchanted Castle.

Start by clicking a wall and a floor (Make sure you use the REGULAR item menu, not the walls/floors menu!)

Then do it again on the walls and floors menu. (make sure you choose THE EXACT same wall and floor)

And you end up getting.....

Please note:

1) you are the only one who can see it if you put it there.
2) if you get out of your den and come back it will be gone.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tree Stump Sink

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is a Tree Stump Sink!

Well that's all (I think) for today. Please comment if I missed something.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rare Item: Seaweed Hair.

Hey Jammers - Today's rare is Seaweed Hair!

Sadly member, I guess AJHQ wants more "Club Members".
Anyways, I noticed that Sir Gilbert, the tiger shaman, has sadly been replaced by the Sir Gilbert lion.

Sad, but since our shamans our coming back (didn't post about that SORRY) I've also noticed this.

This isn't the lion's shadow. This is the tiger's shadow. I wonder what will happen since AJHQ has two "Sir Gilberts"

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainbow Scales! (Rainbow???)

Hello people of Animal Jam. Today's new item is Rainbow (their not rainbow!) Scales!

I put a cool frame on it. :P Umm.... By  the way it doesn't only go on penguins, though I know it looks that way. Sorry for not posting FOREVER. I do play Animal Jam every day (so far), and still don't post often. Anyways, as most of you see, I removed Four Stories. I just don't think it suits my blog, so I'm just gonna ask you to write something. "Go write about a rainbow". :P No don't go write about a rainbow. I think I just got an idea for the next contest. Anyways, until my next contest, go write about a wolf who's tail is on fire. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hey Jammers - Your must be thinking "MORE ARMOR?" and yes, it's true. MORE ARMOR has come to the summer carnival. I better pick up stuff, soon, because summer is on it's way out! Here's the Stegosaurus armor!

Anyways, You must be wondering when I will announce the winner. Now, of course!

The winner.... Of the contest.... goes to.....


Nyanstar's Artwork:

Nyanstar's story:

Zios, the wise and gifted creator felt inspired to create that day, to create a new animal. With clay from the river's bottom and his quick and nimble paws, zios soon had made a new animal. With a flourish of his paws, Zios, the mighty creater, gave the sculpted animal life, and a destiny to fulfill. "I will name you Greely," Zios said affectionately as he gently tickled the newborn animal. "And you are the first wolf." 
Years later, Greely sat in his chamber, experimenting newfound equipment and inventions. Zios had long gone, and Mira's sadness had caused new darkness to be born, the phantoms. But one night, Greely had seen something beautiful. As Mira's tear fell, he had caught it, and it had become a sparkling red gem. Missing one eye from a previous accident, Greely created a new one out of the gem and gained sight again.
But his sight was never the same as before. For now, he saw things in a twisted, altered version from the eye of Mira's dark feelings. Greely gazed at the phantoms sizzling towards him on the endless plains beyond, and gazed up at the ice capped mountain of Shiveer. He felt a strange pull to follow them, and learn their ways too, but suddenly, he came back into focus. Horrified, he realized what a curse his new eye was. For the first time ever, Greely felt regret and fear of his actions. What had he done?....

Thank you from all who entered!     Here are some artwork submitted by other jammers!

By LiveLovePuppy

By Snowyclaw

Well those are some amazing pictures! Be sure to enter next time!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Falling Phantoms

Hey Jammers! There's a new Falling Phantoms IN-DEN game!

Cool! Now you can play falling phantoms in your den!

Here's a lesson everybody should learn on AJ: Never lend stuff.

My friend was recently scammed by Kingfin, who was pretending that they were best buds.

Like a lot of AJ buddies, he asked to borrow stuff. He asked for Bugattiveyronss2012 (my buddy)'s tall cactus. Bugattiveyronss2012 said ok. Kingfin wanted to try it in his den. Bugattiveyronss2012 wanted it back. Kingfin refused. Kingfin wanted to try to glitch it. After doing so, he refused to give it back.

I'm just saying I don't want anyone to fall for this.
Beware scammers.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Claws n' Paws Glitch

I haven't done glitches in a long time so lets try Claws n' paws.

Start Here

Click a nametag

Open the game menu

Click here (right beside gems)

Click a game and cancel it.

Follow these instructions to end up here and fly around the pet shop!

50th post!