Sunday, May 27, 2012

Royal Capes

There's the old royal capes in store. To tell you the truth, I think snowyclaw is mad about it.

Well that's all for now! Vote on the stories by tomorrow!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Giraffes, Clearance, Items, Winners, & More!

Hi! Sorry for not posting, yesterday the Giraffe came out. New Animals Are Awesome!

Aren't they so adorable? And also when a new animal comes out, that means... NEW PLUSHIES!
It also that means a new den! I wonder what it will be.
Also the new sea rocking horse was the winner.
Sorry no pictures for:

Diamond Earings (Member)
Toy Mouse (Member)

And our clearance "items"

snowfort den (already?!)
all items going with snowfort den.
Princess necklace
The member version of scary horns (sorry name forgotten)

And we may as well do the voting for the stories:

By Missflo

Long ago, Zio, the Sky Father and a powerful leader,
got bored of creating things by himself. he had to make all the animals, plants, and planets and set them in motion. By himself.
He realized he didn't have to be alone-he could create a partner! The partner he created was a beutiful grey herion, witch he named Mira, the Sky Mother. 
Mira loved Zios deeply, and together they created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with moutains, oceans, forests, and all kinds of plants and animals.
They named it Jamaa. Zios, in return for loving him and encourging him, made a grand statue of Mira and placed it in the township. Mira often visted this world and played with the animals.
However, disater soon struck. Zios died, prehaps from old age, perhaps from dissese.
Mira mourned over Zios for days, and the tears she cryed formed into black globs of mass.... Now know as phantoms.
Phatoms distrod some of Jamaa, and brought fear to the Jammers. Mira felt so bad abut this, she never got around to doing reguler vists again.........

She asks to give credit to snowyclaw.

                                                                By Cutiepanda01

Mira rarely appears in front of normal jammers. Since Zios left, she has been the leader of all shamans, and Jamaa. She lives up in the skies, and she is magical, her magic more powerful then a shaman's. She lives in a land far away, it takes a day or two for people to get there on foot. She has been known for her creativeness around Jamaa. She was born, rather hatched, on a warm spring day in May. Her mother, Ritcha, was sitting on her nest, when she felt a peck in one of her eggs. Imediantly, Ritcha moved off the egg and started watching. pick, peck, crack went the shell as Mira pecked her way out. She was a beutiful bird, and Ritcha knew imediantly what to name her. "You will be Mira!" she exclaimed. Mira responded to the name as if she had already knew it was her name. Sadly, the other eggs didn't hatch, so Mira was a only child, or shall I say, chick. One day, she was playing pretend in the woods. "I am the leader of all of you!" she told her pet rocks. But then she saw something unusual: a strange creature with a mask on was suddenly floating down to her!
"You are just who I've been looking for!" it said. "What do you mean?" asked Mira. "Do you wish to be a ruler of a land, quite far away from here?" he asked. Mira nodded, unsure what this creature was getting at. "I am Zios, powerful ruler of Jamaa." it said. Mira flew up to him, and he took her to Jamaa. Later, Mira sculptured a glass statue of herself and placed it in Jamaa. She also was a good seamstress, and sewed a picture of herself on a flag, placing these creations in Jamaa.

Thank you for your participation! 

And also there's a new Bunnies Only Party!

Be sure to vote on the poll when I change it!

And I would like to give out:

Wishes to the Moon - Part 2

Click here to see part 1

Hamster: Are you sure about this?
Cat: Well of course I am! We will be SPACE..!
Hamster: SPACE...! What?
Hamster: Cool.
Cat: What do you mean COOL?
Hamster: Like "COOL" cool.
Hamster (sigh)
Hamster: Cool!
Cat: Whadda you mean cool?
Hamster: Didn't I just tell you?
Cat: No. Whats your name?
Hamster: (big sigh)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New items and a cool story!

Hiya! There's a new Underwater Police Hat!

Pretty cool!

And also, I made a story about my pets!

Wishes to the Moon.

Cat: Ever wish you could go on the moon?
Hamster: Yeah. But there's only one problem.
Cat (not listening to hamster): I just wanna touch a star, don't you?
Hamster: Yes but-
Cat: Our chances are hopeless though.... Or are they?
Hamster: Are you even listening to what I'm saying?
Cat: No, dear, I'm not.
Hamster: Well I was going to say-
Hamster: (Sigh)
Cat: Not only our chances are hopeless, but YOU are hopeless.
Hamster: How?
Cat: Because I'm awesome.
Hamster: You just lick your paws and say MEOW!
Cat: But that's cool.
Hamster:  So anyways - 
Cat: Nuh uh uh Hopeless hamster!
Hamster: (Sigh)
Cat: Let's go to the moon!
Hamster: The problem - we don't even have a ship.
Cat: Well let's make one!

Ten minutes later, a cardboard rocket is sitting in front of the hamster.
Hamster: You call this a ship?
Cat: You bet I do!
Hamster: (sigh)
Cat: (giggle)
Cat: Let's go!
Hamster: Uhhhhhhhh....
Cat: C'mon Hammy!

The End!

Hope you liked it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Haven't posted for soooooo long.......

Sorry guys! I'm going to have to do four stories, now or never.

So the new theme is:

             Where is Mira and what do these mean?

These pictures have something to do with it, maybe you can figure it out!

Rare monday:

Rare Mech Angel Wings (nonmember)

Warning! If you see the REAL mech angel wings in the clothing store, quickly trade your real mech helmet, the helmet will come out with the wings.

New Items I Missed:

Sun Necklace (member)

Space Command (member)

Heated Rock (Member)

Snake skin (member)

Snake habitat (member)

And at the Cruise Ship Party:

Lounge Chair (nonmember)

Inner tube (member)

That's all! I hope I got everything I missed!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ssthepic's epic party!!!

Take a look at this! ssthepic's awesome party:

Epic right? That's only half the people!

New "alert"

Hiya! There's a new "Alert"!

I liked the older ones better. Anyways, I don't want to take the picture from her blog,
so I'd like to bring you to it. Go to LoveLost's blog. She's got the new item I can't get to at the momment.

My storage account was RESET! It had a lot of my rares in it :(
Any accounts made yesterday or the day before will be reset. Sorry about this glitch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pro Horse race, Unreleased and rare wings, and snake habitat

I was just going to the horse race when I noticed a "Play pro" thing.

So I went in... and I saw 2 pairs - yes TWO pairs in one race - of mech angel wings! Are these released in the Cruise Ship Party? Maybe.... Another funny thing was they were BOTH green.

And that's not the only pair of wings I saw! Take a look at the 5th pair I've seen this week! 
The super rare! The Ultimate - 

Weird, right? I also saw a Freedom Mech today, too.

And can't forget the New Item:

I can't afford it. I spent all my gems on trees for my garden.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Pack Of Pesky Phantoms & Four Stories

Looks like Animal Jam found another Pack of Pesky Phantoms. I ended up getting online before this happened. New items? Nothing! Maybe they had a problem with the new item and had to fix it? Maybe they are fixing the common Quick-sand glitches and rollback glitches? Maybe they are fixing the rabbit glitch? OR MAYBE they are giving me my imprisoned phantoms/phantom prison cell and 5000 gems and red jamaaliday bow I lost with the rollback glitch!

This picture is the same picture I used last time.

New Subject!

Looks like nobody did a story on four stories
Well, maybe next week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cruise Ship Glitch

Time to go for a cruise! This way you'll get extra activities! Cruise Ship Party Glitch:
Start here (Sorry for the speech bubble)

Click a name tag

Open up the game menu

Click on the edge of the Player Profile. (wherever shows the top of the slide)

Click a game and cancel it

Now you can sit on the tube!

And dance with the dolphins!
                   I hope you enjoy having a cruise with the dolphins!

Rare Mech Angel Helmet

It's Rare Item Monday again, and you know what that means - fake rares!
There's a new Rare Mech Angel Helmet. I'm not an expert on rares, but if I were you, I'd buy few. Sadly it's member. Maybe you can make a few low price trades, nms!

May soon be known as "Orange Mech"!

Looks like nobody posted on Four Stories! Well, maybe next week.

Cutepanda01 (Anonymous) I deleted your comment by accident. Sorry.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New items!

                                               Sorry I haven't posted in a while! 

The snake mat I missed. 

Sorry about the mat. Giraffes are also coming. No picture sorry. And also, in Epic Wonders,

Another one of our favorite nm bricks!

And in Jam-Mart clothing,

Cool right? Wolves, why not howl at it? It's nm, too!

And apparently new phantom items are in jamaa?

Apparently they are getting sent to members. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Four Stories - Stories!

_______Where The Phantoms Live___

   Jamaa is the 2nd most populated land on the globe. Yes... 2ND... There is another town - I mean city - that has more Animals than jamaa. This was the day Zios, the temple guardian, fell from the sky.... And that set a whole new... uh... "thing" in jamaa. They named these "things" Phantoms. Why? Because they hated everything in jamaa. Although they loved jamaa itself. When Zios fell, he crashed the legendary stone monkey into pieces. The pieces magically formed a pit. Only part of the phantoms live there. Before they came to jamaa they lived in a much bigger place. The Nobody knew where this was, so Liza, the panda shaman, set out on a journey. She walked and walked and walked.... And walked! She walked all the way to Forbidden Lands (now called Coral Canyons). She walked through the Icy Wastelands (now Mt. Shiveer). She was tired. All the sudden there was a sudden ZAP and she fell asleep. When she woke, the was surrounded with the black, spider-like "things" they call Phantoms. She was stunned at the sight of them. There were 700 at the least, all looking right at her. And then all the sudden there was a voice. "HOW DARE YOU CROSS MY LAND!" Said the angry voice. "I-I-I didn't know it was your land." Liza said quietly and scared. All the Phantoms laughed and they're zapping arms zapped. Liza screamed. She didn't know how to get out! And then there was a sudden THUMP! "As a punishment for crossing my land," Said the voice. "You must FIGHT ME," It continued "And if I win," it paused. "I get jamaa! And if you win, you get...." It stopped thinking. "The Forbidden Lands, And The Icy Wastelands! Rename them if you like." It said. "Show yourself!" Said  Liza. Liza was young at this time and didn't know if she could do it. All the sudden a bell rang and there. An enormous Phantom, wearing the Phantom's Jewel on his crown. All the Phantoms started cheering, saying "Fight Phantorion!" And "Phantorion for Fight!". There was a frightened look on Liza's face. Was she going to win? A Phantom with a black and white flag apeared and said "5. 4. 3. 2. 1. FIGHT!" Phantorion was out of sight, and before she knew it, he was back. And he was carrying 6 swords,  bows, and arrows! Liza saw a lake underneath the land. She knew what she was going to do. She took a sword from Phantorion, and pointed it at him. It was working! He was backing up! And all the sudden... SPLOOSH! She had won. She was so excited! And that's when she realized... She was in the biggest most populated city in the world! She couldn't believe it! But then she heard crying. Not fake crying. Real crying. "No home. n-n-n-no hommmme!" Said a Phantom child. Liza felt bad. Then she thought of something. "You can stay in jamaa if you like." She said. The Phantoms cheered. She felt better than ever. 
Jamaa was bigger now! She renamed  her two new areas Mt. Shiveer and Coral Canyons.

Four Stories.

I decided to make a fun event every Friday called Four Stories. You're probably wondering what Four Stories is. Well, is i make a story, and you make a story through comments. Please feel free to make as many stories as you want. I will post all the stories on Sunday. Through comments on that post please vote for one story - please not your own - and after Four stories have been chosen by votes, I will put them on the poll. After that, before next Friday we will have ONE story and it will be assumed to be true. This weeks story must be about.....

                                    Where Phantoms Live.

      Have Fun! Let creativity circle you! My story about Where Phantoms Live will be posted today. I hope it give you ideas!


Sorry! Animal Jam is on Maintenance! Here, while your waiting I'll give a nice pic of what jamaa may have looked like in the beta years.

The part that looks patched up was blank so i edited it.

Also animal jam gave me this message when I reload the maintenance page.

I hope you like it!