Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wolves Only Party (over)

Hi! I bet you were wondering how to get to the TOP of the wolves only party. Here's how...

Stand Here (the right end of the lava)

Click someone's NAME TAG
Click the GAME MENU
Click Just over the very top of the player profile.
Click a game and  cancel it.

Now your howling ON the moon!


  1. OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I discovered that glitch. -.-

    1. Since when? I've known that glitch since the wolves only party started ~_~

    2. Well, I forget. But I'm part of a group called the glitchbusters and the goal of the glitchbusters is to find out newer and easier glitches for people to do. But unfortunately, members of the glitchbusters group are not allowed to tell other people, which I'm kinda confused with. I mean, the goal is to create glitches for EVERYONE to do. But my brother, mrspider, is the boss, and I love him. So, I just had to follow. Oh, btw, if I tell other people glitches the glitchbusters came up with, I get kicked out. Since he's my brother, he gave me 3 chances in total, and I completely wasted those 2 chances. So I only have one more chance before I get kicked out.

  3. Many people claim they found stuff -.-

  4. Do you guys now how to get on top of the outside tables of the dinner party. Founder of glitch: Badtothebone21 she doesnt tlell glitches to not buddies or people who buddy her for the glitches.


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