Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun Stuff: New!

Hey Jammers! Notice something? The Contests page has been replaced with Fun Stuff! Not to worry, click on "Fun Stuff" to go to a whole new blog, my "backup blog". Though it's quite small, it's filled with cool sites, images for your blog, and yes, contests!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jamaalidays? Why wait!!!

Hey Jammers! The Jamaalidays are almost here, and some of us (including me) cannot wait!

Here are some Jamaaliday den tips!


1: Make sure you have your festive snowy den up! If you don't have one, get your castle den.
2: Remember to buy stuff as soon as it comes out! You don't want to miss out on the jamaaliday specials!
3: Time to decorate! If you already have decorations you can ignore step 2. Be sure to make your den festive! Don't forget the toys!
4: JINGLE BELLS! Add either Winter's dance, or Chillin' out music to your den.
3: If it isn't festive enough, ask your friends to trade for some snowy or festive items.
5: Wow! Now for the final touch - time to dress your animal! If you have no festive clothes, buy some in the Hot Cocoa Hut.

What wallpaper and floor should I use? Dust stripe walls and brown tile/tan carpet go good in the Snow Fort. Red Bricks/Dust stripe walls and wood floor look good in the Castle den. For the Gingerbread House, anything looks good! Everything you put in looks like candy!

Non Members

1: Get out your decorations out, and ask your Member friends to color some items. Like a green couch and a red couch.
2: Time to decorate! Add items like Ice Pond, Snowman Family, Candycanes, snowy windows, and candycane fences! be sure to add Wood floors if you can!
3: Time to decorate your animal! Win nm wreaths from the claw in the trading party, and get your member friends to color an old blanket to a festive color for you!