Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jamaalidays? Why wait!!!

Hey Jammers! The Jamaalidays are almost here, and some of us (including me) cannot wait!

Here are some Jamaaliday den tips!


1: Make sure you have your festive snowy den up! If you don't have one, get your castle den.
2: Remember to buy stuff as soon as it comes out! You don't want to miss out on the jamaaliday specials!
3: Time to decorate! If you already have decorations you can ignore step 2. Be sure to make your den festive! Don't forget the toys!
4: JINGLE BELLS! Add either Winter's dance, or Chillin' out music to your den.
3: If it isn't festive enough, ask your friends to trade for some snowy or festive items.
5: Wow! Now for the final touch - time to dress your animal! If you have no festive clothes, buy some in the Hot Cocoa Hut.

What wallpaper and floor should I use? Dust stripe walls and brown tile/tan carpet go good in the Snow Fort. Red Bricks/Dust stripe walls and wood floor look good in the Castle den. For the Gingerbread House, anything looks good! Everything you put in looks like candy!

Non Members

1: Get out your decorations out, and ask your Member friends to color some items. Like a green couch and a red couch.
2: Time to decorate! Add items like Ice Pond, Snowman Family, Candycanes, snowy windows, and candycane fences! be sure to add Wood floors if you can!
3: Time to decorate your animal! Win nm wreaths from the claw in the trading party, and get your member friends to color an old blanket to a festive color for you!



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