Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crystal Carrots & 4 stories

There's some new Crystal Carrots in the bunnies only party:

Cool, hey? now you can complete your crystal collection!
And for four stories, I would like you to write about

What lays beneath temple of zios

Is there a hidden city or a cave? You decide where those phantoms are coming from!


  1. It's the entrance to the City of the Phantoms.

    "Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms! There are to many phantoms in here!" complained Graham's daughter, Lanie. It was true; phantoms here, phantoms there, phantoms, phantoms everywhere.
    Phantoms could go through walls, so no house was safe. The only safe place from phantoms was a tunnel, deep underground, called Phantomproof Way. Few knew how to enter, because there were so many kinds of doors you had too go through. Everyone was afraid the phantoms would get them, so Zios decided to send someone to get the phantoms to go into the Tunnel, where all phantoms would be kept and held by a certain force. Zios put out a notice, anyone willing to get the phantoms into the Phantomproof Way (now called the Phantomfilled Way, btw) would get an award. A young koala named Cosmo decided he'd use his medicine koala powers to bribe the phantoms into the tunnel. He placed Ghost Flowers, what phantoms ate, in the tunnel. Phantom by phantom went into the tunnel, to be trapped forever.


  2. missflo/savingtheearthwithkidpowerJune 4, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    Remember my story from before? Well, this is more detailed of what happened with the phantoms.....

    Long ago, when Zios was still in Jamaa,
    he had a statue of himself in the Lost Temple of Zios. When he left and Mira cried, she cried directly over the Lost Temple of Zios. The tears, forming into black globs of matter later know as phantoms, distroyed this statue and made it into one of their main hiding places.
    Only when Jammers sleep around this do they show themselves, showing ownership of The Pit.

    I hope you liked it!


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