Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Duck Plushies, Four Stories, & Contests!

Hey Jammers!  Sorry for the hold up. I've been busy and lazy.
Well, I'd like to give thanks to all who entered the contest! Congrats to CheshiireCat!
She has won Roses. I will be setting up a new contest. Until then, Let's focus on four stories.
This week's Four Stories will be.......

           Mt. Shiveer.

What secrets lie beneath and above the ground? Explore Mt. Shiveer and find objects to help you with your story.

-Votes take place on Friday.
-Do not vote for yourself

And, of course the new item! Duckie Plushies are HEEERE!

Cute, Hey? Well that's all for today! All contest comments will be deleted leaving room for new ones!


  1. A young seal named Harper was exploring. She wandered away from the land of Jamaa into the unexplored lands of the Unknown. She was playing Toss the Stone, a game she had invented. "This is fun!" she said, tossing the stone onto a frozen lake. She knocked a larger hole into it, and then dived. She grabbed the stone, then started swimming up. BONK! "OUCH!" she cried. The ice had already frozen over again, and she couldn't knock through it! She tried using the stone. Little did she know that phantoms had placed a steel sheet down. Above her, the King of the Phantoms was smiling evily. He was a mean, mean king. "Mwahahahaha! Now that that pesky seal is gone, we can continue our daily phantom things!" He left, along with all the other phantoms, exept one. The phantom who stayed was named Marian, and she felt sorry for the seal. Checking that the king was gone, she cautiously lifted up the sheet of metal. Knowing the king would return, she painted the ice a metalic color. Then, not knowing how ice melted and refroze, she left. Finally, Harper had cut through the ice. She took several deep breaths. However, the king had just came back. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" he boomed. "I was retrieving my rock." said Harper in a weak voice, scared of the King. "Rock, shmock! Go back where you came from!" said the king. Harper did, but came back during night, redid the carving of a phantom into a seal, and dived under the ice.


  2. Ok, it was a cold winters night. Harper and her family just got out of the freezing cold water. Harper was jut a pup. She might have freezed to death if her mom hadnt kept her warm by hugging her. Harper," I think icicoles are hanging from my nose." Harpers mom," youll get used to it sweetly" , she said in a gently voice and gave Harper a kiss on the head. Harpers mom," good night, my little angle". Harper," night mommy.... *thud..thud..thud..* Harper," it's 3:oo in the morning!!?" *thud..thud* Harper,"Mom, whats happening?" Harper turns over and her mom is gone. Harper, "Mom?!" HUGE seal comes in. Harper passes out....
    "she awake?" "I think so" "should we start asking questions? "yea"
    "Good morning sleeping beauty"
    Harper," what..? WHERE AM I?! WHERE MY MOM?! Harper grabs the seals shirt. " WHATS HAPPENING"
    Seal clears his throat, " your mom has disappeared" "the only thing we had found was a hole in the ground by your house." " where is your mom? I don't know." where are you? Under ground in a hospital." "what's happening? YOUR FREAKING OUT!?. Harper, why didnt you just say so? Me and my mom and all of the seals go to the under ground water fall to get fish" Duh ;)

  3. And that was by me, Betaqueen


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