Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Carnival!

Hey, Jammers! The Summer Carnival is FINALLY here! I'm going to show you a few party favors. (-.-)
Now the first thing I'm going to show you is the art table. What's so great about the art table? The pages are PRINTABLE! Yay-a!

Finally some creativity around here! That's not all - there's PRIZES! 

Awesome! I've already bought 2 plushies. The small ones.

The problem is... You have to play games to get the prizes.

Who's hungry? There's a cotton candy machine, too! And it's F-R-E-E!

It's fun, too! You can pick up to 3 flavors per thing!

Black-White-Black Makes.....

It's a Fast-Food Phantom! 
Or Should I Say
Phast Phood Phantom! O.O

And also.. You can't miss Jamaa's Daily-ish New Item!
In Epic Wonders....

A Mini Pet Den! Now don't go buying this thinking it's a R-E-A-L den.
It's a den - for a den. My friend has one and it's a decent size - for a pet.
Speaking of pets - the new Hummingbird is exclusive for the new
1-month memberships! Buy them at Animal Jam Outfitters.
It's kind of expensive for one month. You pay an extra 3 dollars for Hummingbirds, Hummingbird's feeder, and Hummingbird's birdhouse (not a den).

Well, enjoy Summer!


  1. what will the next Four Stories be? plz be precious happyflower, princess orangemountain, and princess yellowmountain!


  2. I like the summer carnival but not the 3dish stuff. Awholenewworld

  3. I like the summer carnival but not the 3dish stuff. Awholenewworld

  4. Well, since it isn't precious happyflower, princess orangemountain, and princess yelowmountain, here's part one of my story of them:
    ~The Story of Precious Happyflower~

    I bet you're wondering, WHO exactly is Precious Happyflower? Well, she has quite a story behind herself.
    This is bassically what it is...

    Precious Happyflower was one of the three daughters of King Orangemountain and Queen Yellowmountain.
    The other two were Princess Orangemountain, and Princess Yellowmountain. Well, one day Precious
    Happpyflower asked why she had a plain name. "Only royalty can have the last name of Orangemountain or
    Yellowmountain," replied her mother, "And you were born two days after we were no longer royalty."
    Wondering why her family still lived in a castle, Precious Happyflower decided to investigate. She saw the guard
    of the castle, Knight Strongtiger, and asked how long has her family not been royalty. "Why, never," he replied,
    "What made you think that your family wasn't royalty?" "Oh, nothing. Just some silly dream." replied
    Precious Happyflower. She knew she shouldn't lie, but she didn't want the Knight to think her mother was a lier.
    Or did she... Precious Happyflower was angry she had a plain name, and that her mother had lied to her.
    She was a princess! WHO would lie to a princess? Anyone, she answered her thought. Well, Precious
    Happyflower was so mad, she decided to run away. Writing a note to her sisters, she hoped that a magenta
    tiger wouldn't be thought to be a run-away princess. Then, she remembered something... She was a magic breed of
    tiger, a royalty tiger! She could disguise herself as something else! She decided on the first disguise: a sled. She
    hurried away, searching for someone she could get to... to glitch. After exiting the house, she turned into a sled,
    teleporting here and there untill she found the first person to glitch. Then she glitched more and more and more people.

    Meanwhile, at the castle...

    "Hey sis?" said Princess Yellowmountain. "Yes?" said Princess Orangemountain. "Look at this. A note, written
    by Precious Happyflower." Orangemountain looked at it, then started reading aloud the fancy cursive writing:


  5. Part 2:

    "Dear sisters,
    I have decided to run away. Mother lied to me, saying I was born after she lost
    position as Queen. Yet, I asked the Knight, and he said royalty has always been in our
    family, since the start of Jamaa. So, sorry if you miss me, but I am going away, from
    Mother, Father, and you. Sorry, but I figure it is best. I do not wish to have people
    lie to me.
    -Your dear sister, Precious Happyflower."
    "Sis ran away?" cried both at once. They looked at each other. "Only one thing we can do." said Orangemountain.
    "Run away, too?" asked Yellowmountain. "Yes." said Orangemountain. "You go ahead. I'm staying here for now."
    said Yellowmountain. So with that, Orangemountain made herself invisable and ran away.
    Meanwhile, as a sled, Precious Happyflower was wondering if she did the right thing runing away instead of telling
    her mom. Maybe I should have told her, telling her I was angry... she thought. Maybe I should go back ho-
    "SIS! I FINILY FOUND YOU!" "What? Princess Orangemountain? How did you find me? And why are you here?"
    "Sis, me and Yellowmountain miss you!" right at those words, Yellowmountain appeared. "I was getting lonely back home."
    she said. Suddenly, they all heard: KA-BOOOOM! "THUNDERSTORM!" cried Happyflower, who was back to tiger form.
    The three sisters ran to the nearest cover: jks47's den. Strangely, just as suddenly as it started, the thunderstorm stoped.
    Precious Hppyflower wanted to leave a gift of thanks for the shelter and left a sled. The girls were far away from home, and
    didn't know how to go back. They still wander throughout Jamaa, Precious Happyflower leaving gifts, Princess Yellowmountain
    playfully playing games with other jammers, and Princess Orangemountain glitching up your animal slots. Sometimes they
    will glitch you in other ways, but they usually do that.


    1. missflo/savingtheearthwithkidpowerJune 15, 2012 at 9:31 AM

      Nice sis, but i think preacous happyflowerand princess orange mountain are the same.
      a friendly hacker.
      Its too complacated to be glitch in the coding.
      But it seems to have mostly died down.


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