Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mushroom Chair

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting, I seem to take a week off every time I post the winner >.<

Well here's our new item!

Reminds me of Mario. :D

The next DG contest will be an art contest.

Now don't be sad if you don't think you've got talent for art,
Just be aware that I don't choose the entries by talent.
I don't choose the entry by how amazingly realistic it looks,
I choose it from how I feel about it.
Sometimes I find one that just has something about it I like. 
For instance:

Backgrounds: They make the colors in the painting look so amazing!

Well, Soon to make a new Contest!


  1. I'm the 2000 viewer! :D U should make a party to celebrate 2000 views :D

  2. Oh, and I would appreciate "no-robots". :) Go to Design, Settings, and Posts and Comments. Then switch "Word verification" to No. Tada! No more robots. :D


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