Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update :D

Hey Jammers! It's Thursday, It's an update! First of all, we have monkeys returning to Jamaa.

Welcome Back Monkeys!
You may be wondering why there are little monkeys on the monkey,
Well the next page reveals our new monthly gift!

Adorable, but sadly you cannot trade pets, truthfully, I was hoping for furniture.

Next of all, The monkeys only party!

Here's how the party looks:

Click here for an awesome store!

Also some monkey-approved claws!

The tree is very climbable! 

Click the banana for bananas!

Also in Sarepia:

Cool! Treetop Gardens!

This is it in person.

*Sigh* There goes our beloved plants. It also reminds me of Canyons Corner.

And in the carnival,

I just wanna say, not worth it... 

Why pay 500 gems for 1,000 tickets, when you can pay 100 gems, and a little time for 2,000 (depending on  what game you play, and how good you are at it).

And for the "Costume Corner"

Mystical Giraffe! Cute.

Also, for the den contest....

*Sigh* AJ takes so much time.

Sorry guys, no shamans/alphas. 

Well, the contest is soon to start!

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