Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hey Jammers - Your must be thinking "MORE ARMOR?" and yes, it's true. MORE ARMOR has come to the summer carnival. I better pick up stuff, soon, because summer is on it's way out! Here's the Stegosaurus armor!

Anyways, You must be wondering when I will announce the winner. Now, of course!

The winner.... Of the contest.... goes to.....


Nyanstar's Artwork:

Nyanstar's story:

Zios, the wise and gifted creator felt inspired to create that day, to create a new animal. With clay from the river's bottom and his quick and nimble paws, zios soon had made a new animal. With a flourish of his paws, Zios, the mighty creater, gave the sculpted animal life, and a destiny to fulfill. "I will name you Greely," Zios said affectionately as he gently tickled the newborn animal. "And you are the first wolf." 
Years later, Greely sat in his chamber, experimenting newfound equipment and inventions. Zios had long gone, and Mira's sadness had caused new darkness to be born, the phantoms. But one night, Greely had seen something beautiful. As Mira's tear fell, he had caught it, and it had become a sparkling red gem. Missing one eye from a previous accident, Greely created a new one out of the gem and gained sight again.
But his sight was never the same as before. For now, he saw things in a twisted, altered version from the eye of Mira's dark feelings. Greely gazed at the phantoms sizzling towards him on the endless plains beyond, and gazed up at the ice capped mountain of Shiveer. He felt a strange pull to follow them, and learn their ways too, but suddenly, he came back into focus. Horrified, he realized what a curse his new eye was. For the first time ever, Greely felt regret and fear of his actions. What had he done?....

Thank you from all who entered!     Here are some artwork submitted by other jammers!

By LiveLovePuppy

By Snowyclaw

Well those are some amazing pictures! Be sure to enter next time!


  1. I thought the art and stories had to be made for this contest? Not past ones you said right? ^.^

  2. Whoa nice nayn! (i know this is a late comment, have'ny been on the blogs latly)

  3. Very nice artwork...


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