Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pro Horse race, Unreleased and rare wings, and snake habitat

I was just going to the horse race when I noticed a "Play pro" thing.

So I went in... and I saw 2 pairs - yes TWO pairs in one race - of mech angel wings! Are these released in the Cruise Ship Party? Maybe.... Another funny thing was they were BOTH green.

And that's not the only pair of wings I saw! Take a look at the 5th pair I've seen this week! 
The super rare! The Ultimate - 

Weird, right? I also saw a Freedom Mech today, too.

And can't forget the New Item:

I can't afford it. I spent all my gems on trees for my garden.


  1. Oh my gosh yesterday I saw all the freedom beta things(three were on a person who I'm sure was hacked) I saw helmet, wings, bands, and mask!PLUS a non member wearing tail armer! I forgot her username at the moment, but it wasn't sizzlerat, that's for sure.


  2. Oh and... I know the non member den glitch. If you need to know it I'll teach you... but to teach you, we'd have to be buddies... I want to be your budy anyway ;) (luv your blog, WhatsThat!)

    -cutiepanda01 (I'm also koalacutiegirl01, btw.)


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