Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New items and a cool story!

Hiya! There's a new Underwater Police Hat!

Pretty cool!

And also, I made a story about my pets!

Wishes to the Moon.

Cat: Ever wish you could go on the moon?
Hamster: Yeah. But there's only one problem.
Cat (not listening to hamster): I just wanna touch a star, don't you?
Hamster: Yes but-
Cat: Our chances are hopeless though.... Or are they?
Hamster: Are you even listening to what I'm saying?
Cat: No, dear, I'm not.
Hamster: Well I was going to say-
Hamster: (Sigh)
Cat: Not only our chances are hopeless, but YOU are hopeless.
Hamster: How?
Cat: Because I'm awesome.
Hamster: You just lick your paws and say MEOW!
Cat: But that's cool.
Hamster:  So anyways - 
Cat: Nuh uh uh Hopeless hamster!
Hamster: (Sigh)
Cat: Let's go to the moon!
Hamster: The problem - we don't even have a ship.
Cat: Well let's make one!

Ten minutes later, a cardboard rocket is sitting in front of the hamster.
Hamster: You call this a ship?
Cat: You bet I do!
Hamster: (sigh)
Cat: (giggle)
Cat: Let's go!
Hamster: Uhhhhhhhh....
Cat: C'mon Hammy!

The End!

Hope you liked it!

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