Friday, May 11, 2012

Four Stories - Stories!

_______Where The Phantoms Live___

   Jamaa is the 2nd most populated land on the globe. Yes... 2ND... There is another town - I mean city - that has more Animals than jamaa. This was the day Zios, the temple guardian, fell from the sky.... And that set a whole new... uh... "thing" in jamaa. They named these "things" Phantoms. Why? Because they hated everything in jamaa. Although they loved jamaa itself. When Zios fell, he crashed the legendary stone monkey into pieces. The pieces magically formed a pit. Only part of the phantoms live there. Before they came to jamaa they lived in a much bigger place. The Nobody knew where this was, so Liza, the panda shaman, set out on a journey. She walked and walked and walked.... And walked! She walked all the way to Forbidden Lands (now called Coral Canyons). She walked through the Icy Wastelands (now Mt. Shiveer). She was tired. All the sudden there was a sudden ZAP and she fell asleep. When she woke, the was surrounded with the black, spider-like "things" they call Phantoms. She was stunned at the sight of them. There were 700 at the least, all looking right at her. And then all the sudden there was a voice. "HOW DARE YOU CROSS MY LAND!" Said the angry voice. "I-I-I didn't know it was your land." Liza said quietly and scared. All the Phantoms laughed and they're zapping arms zapped. Liza screamed. She didn't know how to get out! And then there was a sudden THUMP! "As a punishment for crossing my land," Said the voice. "You must FIGHT ME," It continued "And if I win," it paused. "I get jamaa! And if you win, you get...." It stopped thinking. "The Forbidden Lands, And The Icy Wastelands! Rename them if you like." It said. "Show yourself!" Said  Liza. Liza was young at this time and didn't know if she could do it. All the sudden a bell rang and there. An enormous Phantom, wearing the Phantom's Jewel on his crown. All the Phantoms started cheering, saying "Fight Phantorion!" And "Phantorion for Fight!". There was a frightened look on Liza's face. Was she going to win? A Phantom with a black and white flag apeared and said "5. 4. 3. 2. 1. FIGHT!" Phantorion was out of sight, and before she knew it, he was back. And he was carrying 6 swords,  bows, and arrows! Liza saw a lake underneath the land. She knew what she was going to do. She took a sword from Phantorion, and pointed it at him. It was working! He was backing up! And all the sudden... SPLOOSH! She had won. She was so excited! And that's when she realized... She was in the biggest most populated city in the world! She couldn't believe it! But then she heard crying. Not fake crying. Real crying. "No home. n-n-n-no hommmme!" Said a Phantom child. Liza felt bad. Then she thought of something. "You can stay in jamaa if you like." She said. The Phantoms cheered. She felt better than ever. 
Jamaa was bigger now! She renamed  her two new areas Mt. Shiveer and Coral Canyons.

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  1. What will the next Four Stories theme be? i'll be waiting. I like writing stories :)



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