Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Pack Of Pesky Phantoms & Four Stories

Looks like Animal Jam found another Pack of Pesky Phantoms. I ended up getting online before this happened. New items? Nothing! Maybe they had a problem with the new item and had to fix it? Maybe they are fixing the common Quick-sand glitches and rollback glitches? Maybe they are fixing the rabbit glitch? OR MAYBE they are giving me my imprisoned phantoms/phantom prison cell and 5000 gems and red jamaaliday bow I lost with the rollback glitch!

This picture is the same picture I used last time.

New Subject!

Looks like nobody did a story on four stories
Well, maybe next week!


  1. Umm, ONLY ONE THING, Whatsthat. I think I'm the only commenter on this site. Besides you, that is. Look through the comments. Am I correct about it? I'll get my sis, missflo, to comment for four stories. Hehe. you'll be the one picking from both of our stories. untill the blog gets popular. P.S. Like the idea of four stories. ;)



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